treat yourself, on the house

VE/LA Rewards

Collect Points. Redeem free drinks, on the house. Level up. Endless Rewards from our Baristas and Team!

'coffee is on us' is our love language

ve/la rewards highlights

Collect 1 point every 25 baht spent

It's as simple as that! Collect a couple points every coffee run or hangout and let those rewards add up!

redeem 1 free drink every 60 points

Every 60 points collected, it's time to enjoy a free handcrafted drink from us, on the house!

collect 300 points to move to VE/LA infinite

Collected 300 points? You're an infinite member! Enjoy more exclusvie rewards and gifts from us

exclusive discounts on sign up and level up

Right at sign up, you recieve a one time use 10% off coupon - after that, there's even more to come!

Welcome Tier


🎁 10% off your first order after registration
☕️ Redeem a free drink every 60 Points

300+ Points


♾️ Infinite Welcome Reward
☕️ Redeem a free drink every 60 Points
🎂 Birthday Drink & Snack
🎇 New Year’s Gift

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