our manifesto

Making specialty coffee the story of everyone's everyday

Bangkok born. Coming to Seoul and London

spring 2023

VE/LA Brand Book

Every season, we update out brand book to best tell our story with brand new updates about product directions, collections and more. Our updated book for Spring 2023 is now available.

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our philosophy

ve/la (or เวลา in it’s Thai native language) means time, with that we’ve always said that time and coffee has always been a classic pairing.

ve/la started with a core of love and fondness of coffee. At it’s start we brung together experts and newbies to see how we can lead new people in to exploring and falling in love with a wider range of coffees. Since then, the ve/la brand has grown into a cafe brand that people can recognize by only seeing a sliver of it’s iconic white cup. The brand’s offerings has grown from just the classic coffee menu to teas, snacks and more.

ve/la wants to bring the wider world of coffee to a wider world of people. The brand understands the importance of making the barrier to entry to specialty coffee less daunting. ve/la’s inventive gradients and coffee selection explanations prompts customers to try coffees they’ve never tried before and the best part is, the brand is only in it’s first steps.

This year, ve/la is expanding for people to be able to enjoy coffee their way as easily as possible, so keep your eyes peeled for the brand’s journey into its second year.

our promises


As the ve/la brand is a part of Apostofi Holdings, we run our operations with a high degree of regard for sustainability. ve/la utilizes 100% biodegradable packaging.


With absolute attention to detail in every cup, ve/la baristas are trained to brew your favourite cup, the same way, everyday.


Let’s face it, specialty coffee is hard to understand. Therefore, it’s been our mission since day one to make it more accessible - originating from explaining coffee through gradients (dusk, dawn, morning, midday and midnight)

our story

Born out of a 16 year old’s bedroom, mediums and ve/la are brands under the Apostofi Holdings umbrella that was founded to rethink the way people live, work and create. The brands co-exist with a shared vision of inspiring creativity, reconnecting people and leaving the planet better than we found it.

Focusing in on ve/la, born out of passion and love for spreading understanding of specialty coffee to the masses. Let’s be frank, most have no idea what all the information about coffee beans, origins and it’s roasting processes are - therefore, we implore people to try through deciding with easy to understand visual representations of coffee. Dusk, Dawn, Morning, Midday and Midnight coffee selections forms the stringent core of our coffee offerings. With this, ve/la also serves tea, refreshers, other non coffee drinks and even more coming in the future.

Each new branch revolves around conversation and bringing coffee lovers together and reconnecting, meeting up and get conversations going about new ideas.